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Robin Spaulding

How Does Mediation Work?

  • Mediation is held in a private setting with both parties present.
  • Robin introduces herself and ensures that everyone present feels that she can remain neutral and support the best interests of all parties.
  • Robin reviews ground rules and the mediation process.
  • All participants sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before mediating.
  • Robin also asks what each person wants to achieve as an outcome of the mediation.
  • Parties share, without interruption, their historical perspective of the conflict.
  • Clarifying needs and issues are brought forward; parties generate options for resolving the conflict.
  • Dialogue and negotiation continues until an agreement is reached that is acceptable to both parties, or not.
  • All parties (including Robin) hold the right to end the mediation if it has come to an impasse.
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